A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

As seen on Wholesome Direct 2022!!

Potion Prodigy is a 2D point and click game with a spooky twist... make potions and chill in this cozy cavern environment by completing small tasks and find hidden gems!

Potion Prodigy is a game made by me! (Katie Wright) with a little help from the wonderfully talented folk at London South Bank University. This was made with care over the course of a year as part of my bachelors degree and is currently still in Beta, but any feedback or comments would be tremendously appreciated so if you enjoyed this please comment below your thoughts and opinions. 


Art, Production, UI and 3D ~~ 

Katie Wright (twitter; https://twitter.com/RoseColouredArt )

Main Music ~~ 

George Ricci (twitter; https://twitter.com/ActIshikawa)

Programming assistance ~~ 

Paul Sinnett 

Semra Usanmaz (https://twitter.com/UsanmazSemra)

Additional support ~~

Ste Curran 

Andy Lemon 

Lara Lema

Robert Ramsey 

Special thanks also to the graduates of London South Bank University games design and development course for all the feedback and support throughout this project, I couldn't have gotten through this without your help. 

Additional resources ~~

All game and UI sound fx; 



Particle effects;





PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
Tags2D, Cozy, Medieval, Point & Click
Average sessionA few minutes


Potion_Prodigy.zip 83 MB


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I just played the small demo after seeing the game at wholesome direct and I really hope that there's a full game in the future because I could see it becoming a favourite!! I'm excited to see what's to come, you just gained a massive fan - Yve

Lovely game. Everything worked perfectly, keep up the good work!

What a wonderful game! Lovely little demo, I hope there will be more soon as it was stated during Wholesome direct <3 Can't wait to play further.

Doesn't work for my mac :( Maybe it's because I have the latest update for macOS?


Got stuck on the very end of the second half. Couldn't finish the level. :/

will there ever be more to this game? i finished the demo and i am in love with this~~

The constant swaying of the room in the second half was a bit much.

Why can’t I claim this since it’s free? I’m not at my pc now so I’ll proba forget to download it later...

Is this a demo? I played through the game but after I made the potion it said I had completed the demo and to exit to the menu. 

it is yes, this was a game I made as a part of my studies so I ran out of time to finish it so you can only currently make one potion 

how do i get it to run on mac? i've tried opening just about every file i can from the folder and it won't run


in the folders go to BUILD.app, contents, MacOS, and the game build should be in there! hope that helps :) 

it's saying that the application is damaged/incomplete, i'm not sure if that's just a me issue or if it's something else?

You need to downloade the updated file, then right click the "build.app" and choose "Show Package Contents" then navigate to MacOS folder. There is a terminal file in there that will run. 

I downloaded the file today and followed these instructions and a terminal window does open (some text appears) but the game doesn't start.